8 February 2021 year 1261

The money stolen from the safe was returned to the owner.

On February 3, a resident of Namangan filed a complaint to the city IAD and asked to take an action, alleging that between January 30 and February 3 this year, an unknown person broke into a house, broke an iron safe in his bedroom and stole a total of $ 1,500.

When the fingerprints taken by the expert of the Expert Forensic Department of the Namangan IAD were checked by the identification system, it was found that these marks corresponded to the left fingerprints of a 15-year-old school pupil living in Namangan.

In regards to this fact a criminal case has been started according to the article 169 part 2 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan by the Investigation Department of the Namangan IAD.


Informational Service of the Namangan Regional Department of Internal Affairs.

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